our-mission-graphic-80 Our mission - Why we exist

Our mission

Why we exist

With a missional-incarnational mindset, followers of Jesus are people who are deeply committed to being the presence of Jesus wherever they go. Therefore, we will do the things He did. We will talk about the Kingdom and teach about the Kingdom to those who seek to enter it; we will demonstrate the presence of the Kingdom and the character of the King by engaging in acts of mercy and service to the world among those who are overlooked, marginalized, and oppressed.

The good news of the Kingdom addresses the heart, mind, body, and spirit of every person. Chartwell will strive to be a church that brings the whole gospel to the whole person just as Jesus did.


When Jesus walked the earth His singular message was that the kingdom of God was near. His method was twofold, reflected in a life and ministry that modelled a balance of proclamation and demonstration. He spoke about the kingdom, stressing deeper things like repentance, forgiveness, love, compassion, and obedience.

He also demonstrated the Kingdom through His actions — making Kingdom waves by feeding, healing, blessing, serving, and embracing.